Secure your data and back it up !

R1Soft Backup External

Restore your server or all of your files / database in minutes from your R1Soft interface.


Back up your files / database on a remote server using the protocol you want.


Genious communications is committed through its customized backup to make sure that all your data is backed up. Furthermore, you can have the possibility to access them at any time, whether it is total or partial restoration.


  • Which backup solution should i choose ?

    You can choose your backup solution based on different criteria : number of servers to be backed up, the volume required and the legislative constraints of the company.

    Do not hesitate to ask our experts for advice regarding this matter.

  • How the backup of your database is important ?

    A database contains the main information of a company, such as the accounting file, for example. Backing up databases is crucial security for your internal documents.

  • How does a backup server work?

    Our agents are monitoring the backup server: collecting, automatically cleaning, encrypting and storing data.

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