Become a domain name reseller and take advantage from our various discounts


5% Discount

.net HK$272.50 HK$287.00
.com HK$99.00 HK$104.50
HK$1 823.00


10% Discount

.net HK$258.50 HK$287.00
.com HK$94.00 HK$104.50
HK$3 646.00

GOLD Refill

15% Discount

.net HK$244.00 HK$287.00
.com HK$88.50 HK$104.50
HK$7 292.50

As a domain name reseller, you define your own prices and you have access to numerous advantages once you subscribe to one of our inclusive offers :


  • On what conditions those discounts are granted ?

    Bronze Refill Silver Refill Gold Refill
    If you reach 50 domaines and more 100 domains 200 domains
    You will be granted a discount 5% 10% 15%
  • For your information, the amount you pay refers to the credit you have in your account and by which you can pay your domain names.

    In case you exceed the threshold mentioned on each category, a discount will be granted on the other packs, as explained following close.

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