Brand protection

Protect your brand online

At the same level of your brand or company name, a real TOOL of communication and strategic positioning: Your domain name represents your online identity, you understand then why it is important to protect it.

Registering your domain name is the first step to ensure your online identity, but this is not sufficient, it is highly recommended to register your domain name under different extensions.

To be protected agains’t what?

Cybersquatting consists in buying and occupying a domain name without having the right nor a legitime interest towards it… A large speculation phenomenon has been developed about domain names which Cybersquatting widely used and very … by brands online.

Genious Communications offers you the ability to protect your brand online:

Avoid any type of crime and / or fraud (phishing) via web sites created in order to induce customers by mistake. Allowing yourself to be in possession of any form of making website referring to your institution (both extension .COM / .fr / .MA ...)

Prevention is the best defense and to ensure an optimal protection we recommand :

A pack of 40 domain names with different extensions.

Several redirect to a single website (field reference).

You are now safe, you will never be exposed to fraud again.